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Susan Bullard

One of the best definitions I’ve ever heard for the meaning of character is this: Character is “who you are when no one is looking.” Some people’s character may be considered strong and others incredibly weak but we all have a measure of it. It’s those quality traits within a single person that initiate discipline, vision, endurance, respectfulness, mercy, and etc. Although character traits are revealed to self and unto others by one’s display of certain qualities, it’s not merited upon any kind of accomplishment nor is calculated upon how others perceive you. Our character is the essence that makes up the one unique you. No two of us are alike.

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The Zambia Mission Team just returned home from our trip to serve Family Legacy in Lusaka, Zambia where Danny Lightner and his family now serve. Before we left, we collected books to take with us to fill one of the Family Legacy school libraries. Thanks to your generosity, we collected over 1,000 books! Thank you! Pastor Danny and his family are doing very well and they send their love, hugs and greetings.

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Fear is something that I’ve become well-acquainted with. I am often confronted by a brother or sister in Christ who is experiencing fear because of the dire circumstances that surround us in a world that has become so unsettled.

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Can you feel it? It’s that time of year again. Kids are heading back to school, it’s football season and everywhere we look there are reminders from God that the season is changing.

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By nature, I’m an introvert. When walking into a room, I prefer to come in unnoticed, rather than “make an entrance”! It’s uncomfortable for me to share my life with many people.

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